Filippa K Circle is a digital hub where experts in the interface between innovation and sustainability share their visions of a better fashion future. Their voices inspire us to transform the fashion industry. It is a community where thoughts that can change the world are collected; a space for discussion, exploration and innovation.

We want to use this opportunity to drive the fashion industry forward. The ultimate goal is to close the loop of the fashion cycle, avoiding everything from humans and animals not being respected in the process of making fashion to tons of clothing ending up in landfills. We hope to both engage and inspire, and ulimately, to change the patterns of fashion together.

Filippa K divides the fashion cycle into four stages of process: Raw Materials, Production, Consumption and Looping. Each of these stages–and how they can be developed in accordance with our planetary boundaries–are explored in different themes in the Circle. Actors from across the supply chain are invited to share their perspectives in Letters; and examples of inspiring and innovative practices is showcased as Cases.

Please join our community by commenting. We want your voice! Let's change the system together.

This rough draft is from one of the very first meetings initiating this digital hub. To read more about Filippa K, click here.