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Sustainability in the Fashion Industry: Filippa K has Received the Encouragement for Action Award

Filippa K is proud to announce that we are among the first winners of the Encouragement for Action award. Led by the Stockholm Fashion District alongside key organizations and stakeholders in their network, this new initiative encourages and rewards sustainability in the fashion industry.

For the first time in history, we as a planet are united around specific global objectives for sustainable development: The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These depend on the contribution of every aspect of society – from governments to businesses to citizens – to reach each goal by 2030. Encouragement for Actionhighlights the importance of these efforts and showcases the enterprises, actions, and innovations that help us get there.


Philip Warkander, a member the ethical council of the initiative, discusses the challenges we face in the fashion industry and the solutions we can provide in his foreword:


“Fashion is one of today’s most central cultural expressions. With our clothes we communicate who we are, but also who we want to be. Fashion can be creative and playful, a way to confront boundaries and challenge outdated norms.


But the influence of fashion is not entirely positive. Next to the oil industry, the fashion and textile industry is considered to be the most polluting in the world.


Instead of scoldings and prohibitions, we will convey good examples: We should highlight new solutions and alternatives of how a more sustainable fashion can look, rather than pointing finger to those who have not come as far.


Therefore, we now want to go from word to action, highlight the good examples, and pave the way for a more concrete way of making fashion sustainable for everyone’s best and for our common future.”


You can read the full story here:


The award consists of four prize categories: “Fashion Retail Talks Sustainability”, “Closing the Loop”, “Fashion Tech”, and “Value-bearing Sustainability”. We are pleased to have received the prize for the first category, “Fashion Retail Talks Sustainability”, with this beautiful motivation:

“The commitment to sustainability and the extensive work of developing the entire company in this direction is done, among other things, by sharing important information in a clever and smart way to the customer. An example of this is the campaign #NotThatComplicated, where they inspire the customer to build a conscious and durable wardrobe with well-chosen durable quality garments. They also help the customer to a more conscious consumer behaviour and promote a more sustainable fashion industry by leasing the current collection and take back old garments to sell through their second hand concept or for recycling.”

The other categories were awarded to We aRe SpinDye, Rekotex, and Swedish Stockings. Filippa K is a proud partner to each of these winners; together we are challenging the status quo and contributing to the transformation of our industry.

We look forward to seeing the development of this initiative, as well as the future winners of the award.

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