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State of mind: Johanna Ankelhed

Johanna Ankelhed is a creative consultant and stylist based in Stockholm and Copenhagen. This week, we pick her brain about style, senses and sustainability.

My state of mind: Enthusiastic, I will be spending the next month in China. Can’t wait!

I feel balanced when: I have been out for a long run by the sea or in the forest. The feeling I get during and afterwards is almost indescribable and whenever I need to clear my mind, or if I’m going trough a rough patch in life I go running. It’s my solution to almost anything.

I’m currently reading or watching: Reading The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald and just started rewatching Twin Peaks. It really is a great show – if you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend doing so.

I can’t live without this organic/natural beauty product: RMS Un Cover Up concealer and Avène Thermal Spring Water.

What engages me on the global fashion agenda: That so many brands/designers have started to understand the negative side effects of which the clothing industry have had and still has on our environment. We need to become more aware of and start discussions on the most critical environmental, social and ethical issues facing our industry and planet. I believe that the Copenhagen Fashion Summit is a great initiative, where knowledge and experience is shared and where new innovative solutions can be discovered. I’m sad I cannot attend this year, as I will still be traveling in Asia when it is being held in May.

This is how I want my wardrobe to be composed: With few but well-curated investments which can be worn for endless occasions, both day and night. Jackets, coats and blazers with a twist or interesting detail. I accessorise with eye-catching shoes, colourful bags and statement jewellery whilst keeping the rest of my wardrobe pretty low key. Less is more, might be a cliché but very true indeed.

When in doubt I always put on my: Oversized, menswear inspired blazer, preferably with a pair of jeans or cigarette pants. It really is the best item ever and if teamed with a pair of kitten heels I feel ready for anything. It can be worn to a party, business meeting or to a hot date. The blazer will solve everything when you’re in doubt, at least it does the trick for me.

I feel at ease when wearing: A crisp white shirt.

I care for my clothes by: Not washing them too much and at low temperature with a liquid detergent. I also try to air my clothes outside as much as possible.

This is my best consumption tip: Write lists! I always write down or keep a folder on my desktop with things I want to invest in or purchase the upcoming season. This way I avoid unnecessary impulsive purchases, as I already know what I want and aim to get during the season.

A progressive brand or person that I love: Emma Watson, she is truly inspirational (also I’m a huge Harry Potter fan).

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