Marieke Eyskoot and Elin Larsson at the Filippa K Grev Turegatan store yesterday night.

Thanks For The Input Yesterday, We Will Pass It On!

Filippa K Suistainability Director Elin Larsson gathers her thoughts from yesterdays sustainability event. The tips collected from the participants will be included as input for the UN's Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme (SLE).

Elin Larsson: Last night Filippa K hosted the launch of sustainable fashion and lifestyle expert Marieke Eyskoot’s book This is a Good Guide in our store on Grev Turegatan in Stockholm. It was a wonderful evening with lots of open and honest discussions on how to live more sustainably.
Luise Vindahl of popular health food blog Green Kitchen Stories suggested buying seasonal, organic and local food and Marieke Eyskoot tipped us to choose the milk closest to you in the shelf (instead of trying to grab the one in the back with the longest date as you will most likely drink it up before that date anyway, and the milk in front will go to waste in the store).
I talked about the personal challenge I did last year: to only have 40 pieces in my wardrobe for the entire year. Whenever I would get a new or pre-owned piece another one had to go (either passed on to a friend or sold) and I did temporary updates by borrowing from friends and renting garments. 

We got a lot of inspiring tips from both Marieke and Luise during the panel discussion, and in addition we gathered tips from our guests, a big thank you to everyone who contributed. The tips will be included as input for a guideline that is being developed by the Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme (SLE), one of six UN Programmes within the 10 Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production. The guide states ‘lifestyle action points’ for each of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Some valuable thoughts gathered from the participants yesterday

  • If you have not used a thing for more than a year, you probably won’t use it again. Give it away to or hand it to a recycling center or second hand store.
  • Meal planning. Seasonal produce, less waste, cost-effective.
  • Do not use plastic when catering an event on sustainability! Answer from Filippa K: We offered plant-based organic food from Gigafood served in bio plastic that is biodegradable, see Gigafood’s comment below*.
  • Buy less things with better quality. Apply it to everything: clothes, food…
  • Consume with care! Think twice before you shop and only buy things you really love.
  • Go vegan!
  • Be conscious. No one is fully sustainable but everyone can make a difference by making conscious choices.
  • Buy less, don’t eat meat.
  • Go for fewer things with good quality. If the things are cared for, they will last a long time.
  • Make every choice a conscious one. From food to clothes, think about were it comes from and who made it.
  • Teach the youth to live a sustainable lifestyle and live by the same rules yourself. Make them believe through entertaining a home and lifestyle that is cool, modern and possible.
  • Invest in quality.
  • Be curious and inform yourself about how your choices affect others.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Think about every dollar spent as a vote in the market place.
  • Don’t consume anything.
  • Use clothes for a long time, buy basic garments that last long.
  • Remake clothes, turn jeans into skirts, shorts and bags.
  • Use the whole vegetable, for example turn the haulm (tops, greens, leaves) on vegetable into pesto or dry it to use for spices.
  • Redecorate your furniture.
  • Don’t buy more than necessary.
  • Know how your food arrives to you – that will trigger change.
  • Be inspired by Ramadan: Today is the last day of a month living and eating healthy, which cleans your body, teaches discipline, respecting and supporting other people and the planet. Limiting yourself to healthy, nature-friendly and delicious food and life-choices, it will not only improve your health but also the planet and food market. Plus, you will get to know a lot of new super delicious and creative recipes.
  • Simple and proven 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Also: Repurpose, Repair. 

  • Make everyday conscious by eating vegan and organic. Do yoga or meditate to learn how to think holistically.

  • Spread love and peace to humanity because every single living creature deserves to find happiness and well-being.

  • Don’t buy individually plastic wrapped vegetables.

  • Less is more (when it comes to things, clothes, food).

  • Appreciate what you have and be grateful. 
  • Value people not things
  • Be happy. Do fun things. Eat good food. The more fulfilled you are the more energy you have to take care of the planet!
  • Reduce single use items.
  • Take away containers
  • Straws
  • Plastic cutlery
  • Before buying something new, hand old garments in to a collecting system.

* Gigifaood’s response to the plastic containers: It is bioplastic that is biodegradable. They are continuously searching for more sustainable options and are in contact with experts within that field.

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