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State of mind: Johanna Ljunggren

This week we ask yoga teacher and food creator Johanna Ljunggren from @Detoxlife to share her current mindset.

My state of mind: Always traveling. I have flying swallows tattooed on my right arm, it symbolises the saying “swallows never land”.

I feel balanced when: When I’m close to nature.

I’m currently reading or watching: I’m always on more than one book and I go back to them. I’m never done with one and they are filled with notes and bookmarks. I’m currently reading The Sex Life of Food by Bunny Crumpacker, The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and The Decay of Lying by Oscar Wilde.

I can’t live without this organic/natural beauty product: Björk & Berries C Serum in summer and their Birch recovery Face Oil in the winter.

What engages me on the global fashion agenda: To buy less, re-use, re-cycle. Quality before quantity. And no single use plastic!

This is how I want my wardrobe to be composed: A balance of vintage silk flower dresses and kimonos and raw denim jeans and cotton stripe t-shirts.

When in doubt I always put on my: A vintage dress that I’ve had for more than 20 years, and it was already vintage when I bought it. That dress with my 14 year old lace up Alexander McQueen boots.

I feel at ease when wearing: Soft wear or nude. Basically when I’m wearing less!

I care for my clothes by: By airing them instead of washing them.

This is my best consumption tip: Classics for the win.

A progressive brand or person that I love: I respect all micro brands with capsule collections that dare to question the production chain and not only think about their own wallets and figures. I call it “karma production”. These brands can range from artisan to luxury.

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Johanna Ljunggren in Filippa K Soft Sport

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