Filippa K will showcase apparel using biologically dyed textiles later this year

“This Technology Has The Potential To Revolutionize Textile Manufacturing”

Today, we are very excited to tell you about a new strategic partnership. By teaming up with Colorifix Limited, the UK based company behind the first commercially available biological dyeing process, we will not only reinforce our long-term commitment to innovation and sustainability. We also aim to revolutionize the textile manufacturing business.

Colorifix Limited has developed the first commercially available biological dyeing process. By engineering microorganisms to produce naturally-occurring pigments, Colorifix converts agricultural by-products such as sugar molasses into colorants suitable for textile dyeing. Furthermore, the microorganisms also transfer the colour onto a fabric or garment, resulting in additional water and energy savings. As a result, Colorifix uses ten times less water than traditional dyeing processes and without using heavy metals, organic solvents or acids. Instead of using ubiquitous petrochemicals that are non-renewable and toxic, Colorifix uses synthetic biology methods to create a range of colours produced naturally by organisms such as plants, animals and insects.

Colorifix is the first company to successfully apply biological dyeing to the commercial dyeing of polyamide-based jersey, polyester and cotton fabrics, and research is already underway to apply the technology to other natural and synthetic fabrics. Synthetic biology technology is safely utilized at scale in other industries such as the production of textile scouring enzymes and bio-based chemicals.

« We want to collaborate with progressive dye houses and textile manufactures to help scale this technology »

 Biological dyeing is a significant step in our journey to serve both our customers and the planet, and this partnership reinforces Filippa K’s long-term strategy and deep commitment to innovation and sustainability, says Elin Larsson, Filippa K’s Sustainability Director.

– We believe Colorifix has the potential to revolutionize textile manufacturing, and we want to collaborate with progressive dye houses and textile manufactures to help scale this technology and accelerate its adoption through the industry, added Christina Muljadi, Product Manager for Soft Sport and also Filippa K’s Water and Chemical Expert.

Filippa K and Eurojersey, supplier of the Sensitive® Fabrics’ range, have evaluated Colorifix and expect to showcase cutting edge apparel using textiles dyed biologically later this year, with a view towards scaling the technology for larger production volumes.
Founded in 1960, Eurojersey produces the Sensitive® Fabrics’ patented range, a brand which provides excellence, quality and durability in every measure. The company developed a program called SensitivEcoSystem® which involves customers, suppliers and consumers to join in the creation of a sustainable production chain, monitoring production throughout all stages of processing with considerable savings in terms of water, energy, chemicals and abatement of polluting residues.

– Our collaboration with Colorifix is an exciting moment in Eurojersey’s commitment to sustainable production methods. Since Colorifix is compatible with our existing dye machines we expect to make good progress towards adopting this revolutionary biological dyeing technology, says Matteo Cecchi, Eurojersey Sales Director.

– We’re very excited to be partnering with Filippa K and Eurojersey to help drive this together and believe the benefits and impacts of this technology are significant. Water and energy consumption is significantly reduced, there is no need for toxic chemicals, and the process can be applied to both natural and synthetic fabrics. We hope more industry leaders will join us in leveraging this innovative technology in the near future, says Dr Orr Yarkoni, CEO of Colorifix Limited.

Learn more about Colorifix here

Filippa K will showcase apparel using biologically dyed textiles later this year

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