Simply Slip Into with Nike Felldin och Elliot Gillström

Campaign Focus: Simply Slip Into

Garments that make the business of getting dressed in the morning easy – here are the thoughts behind our latest campaign.

Today we are launching a new campaign and as always when we do, we are excited. 

Simply Slip Into is all about ease.

We have probably all had those mornings when everything feels wrong, and we end up wearing something completely random–outfits that we regret as soon as we have left the house. 

So, what if we could turn the business of getting dressed in the morning into something free from anxiety? That’s what this campaign is all about: garments that you can simply slip into, that look and feel good whatever your day looks like. Simple basics, soft knits, classic shirts and jeans–fundamental pieces that are easy to wear, easy to combine and easy to come back to from time to time, over time. 

When visualizing this idea, we turned to the ever-inspiring stylist Nike Felldin and her boyfriend Elliot Gillström and talked about morning matters and how to reduced the stress of getting dressed.

Below is some inspiration from Nike Felldin.

My five must-have wardrobe pieces:

– A rib knit sweater, ballerinas, an oversized blazer, denims and a turtleneck.


My workweek uniform:

– An A-line rib knit sweater, high-waist jeans, an oversized blazer, and boots or ballerinas, depending on the season.


The key to feel good in what you wear?

– I like simple clothes with a relaxed feel.

My style safe card:

– Turtlenecks make you elegant and well-thought-out!

What makes your morning good?

– I’m an early bird, so maybe I go to a hot yoga class before I come into my office around 10am, if I’m not on a photo shoot that day. Practicing yoga and going to the gym have made it so much easier to find balance in my everyday life.


What is simplicity?

– Being true to yourself.


What is love?

– Compassion.


Check out the campaign here.

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