Canto Novo is Filippa K's Portuguese supplier of trousers since 16 years.

Fashion Revolution Week: Full Transparency By 2030

On this day five years ago, 1,138 people lost their lives in the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory outside Dhaka, Bangladesh. A dreadful accident that could have been avoided if the building had been looked after properly. In memory of that day, Fashion Revolution was born. During this week, brands and producers are encouraged to respond with the hashtag #imadeyourclothes and to demonstrate transparency in our supply chain.
Here, Sustainability Director Elin Larsson shares some insights to how Filippa K navigates between the many challenges involved in being part of the textile industry, an industry with long and complex supply chains and one that leaves significant environmental and social footprints.

”We have set a goal for ourselves to have full transparency in our value chain by 2030. Transparency in the supply chain is essential if we are to make our business more sustainable. It is also a challenge considering the fact that we do not own any factories of our own and our supply chains are quite long and complex. Nevertheless, it is one of our focus areas and something we are constantly working with. We believe in long term partnerships and having a close collaboration with our partners as the main driver for sustainability. We do of course have our code of conduct, guidelines and policies, but it is the common actions and goals that make the difference.

In line with our transparency goals, we name the suppliers that help us make each piece of clothing in our online store. We list everything from name and address of the supplier to length of our working relationship, date of our last visit and the gender makeup of the supplier’s workforce.

To support us in our quest to secure good working conditions for workers at factories where we produce we collaborate with Fair Wear Foundation. We monitor the development of suppliers in a variety of countries and conduct a risk assessment to determine where our social auditing should be focused. As a member, we have set the target to monitor at least 90% of our suppliers, a level which we have already reached – in 2016, 95% of our suppliers were monitored. During 2016, 62% of our production volume came from suppliers that we had maintained a business relationship with for at least five years.”

Knowledge Is Key

Increased knowledge of rights and responsibilities is widely needed among factory workers in developing markets, and factories often lack functioning systems for workplace rights- and safety information. QuizRR is a usable and flexible tool for that, as it is easily accessible and can reach out to everyone. Applying gamified services in factories producing clothes, like in the case of QuizRR, potentially increases knowledge amongst workers and subsequently also improves their working conditions.

Engaging everyone in our supply chain in sharing our value system is important for Filippa K, and an important factor in building successful long-term partnerships. We obviously cannot do this on our own, instead we rely on the cooperation of all our partners to make this work. We hope that digital training platforms like QuizRR will help increase rights and values awareness of factory workers. So far we have seven suppliers using QuizRR with a total of 2,481 employees trained and 8,098 completed training sessions since the start.”

Doreen Chiang, Product Manager Knitwear and Sustainability Coordinator for Social issues and Animal Welfare at Filippa K, adds: 

“Our suppliers consider QuizRR a fun and new way to learn about social accountability. Presenting the social subjects in videos and asking questions after each video is an interactive way of learning and remembering.”

Three Of Our Suppliers

During this year’s Fashion Revolution Week, Filippa K has chosen to highlight three suppliers. Our customers are of course welcome to contact us with any questions regarding our other partners.


Supplier: Aussco Hong Kong Limited
Address: Two Landmark East, 100 How Ming St, Unit 4004-5, 40th Floor, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Collaboration started: 2011
Number of Employees: 221 (134 men/87 women)
Visited by the Filippa K Supply Team

Aussco is a Chinese supplier of ours for seven years back for knitted garments. Since China is a high-risk country in terms of workers’ rights, we have made audits at their factory together with Fair Wear Foundation.
It is a good factory with its own water recycling plant. The recycled water is used to water the vegetables that they have growing on their garden plot within the factory. They have taken part in STWI projects (Sweden Textile Water Initiative) and manages to make some major savings of water, energy and chemicals. They are also part of the QuizRR training programme. They have their own day care center for workers’ children. All classes have their own tutor and the operational time is per employee’s working hours.

“An after-school crèche, gardening plots using cleaned factory waste water, and effective worker representation. QuizRR visited one of Filippa K’s strategic suppliers, Aussco, in Dongguan yesterday. Doreen Chiang’s principles have driven a partnership based on multiple stakeholder engagement, open dialogue and finding common ground. Thank you, Doreen and the team at Aussco, especially Jeffrey Chan, Shirley Woo and Mary Ngo in providing us with a valuable glimpse into the very human and labour-intensive nature of truly long-lasting and sustainable fashion.” Quote from QuizRR


Supplier/Factory: Canto Novo
Address: Zona Industrial da Palhaca, Apartado 3, 3770-355 Palhaca, Portugal
Collaboration started: 2002
Number of Employees: 66 (4 men/62 women)
Visited by the Filippa K Supply Team

Canto Novo is our Portuguese supplier for trousers and they have been a highly valuable partner of ours for many years, 16 years to be exact. We visit each other on a yearly basis and run a close collaboration. They were part of the Higg Index project we did last year.


Supplier: Fa Tin
Address: 1/F, BLK C-D Po Sing Bldg., 554-556 Natham Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Collaboration started: 2014
Number of Employees: 2 (0 men /2 women)
Visited by the Filippa K Supply Team

Factory: Shenzhen Fa Tin Textile And Fashion Ltd
Address: Heping Road, Fa Tin Industry Bldg., Fisher Village, 518001 Shenzhen, China
Collaboration started: 2014
Number of Employees: 703 (346 men/357 women)
Visited by the Filippa K Supply Team

FaTin is a Chinese supplier of ours since four years, for woven products. They are very good at sewing products in delicate materials. Since China is a high-risk country in terms of workers’ rights, we have made audits at their factory together with Fair Wear Foundation. 

They provide free accommodation and food to their workers and also organize a trip for the whole factory every year. Every year, they award gold metals with the Fa Tin logo to workers who have been working in the factory for 5, 10 or 20 years, and they donate money to the workers when their family are in difficult situations.

The Way Forward

We need to understand, respect and listen to the expertise that each part of the supply chain represents and together create the change we want to see. All of us want to run a successful business in the future and that is why it is of everyone’s interest to create more sustainable processes – for both environment, people and business.

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Fa Tin is Filippa K's Chinese supplier of woven products since four years.

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