Campaign focus: #NotThatComplicated

We’re very passionate about the campaigns we produce at Filippa K, so what better than to tell you more about them here on Filippa K Circle?

The #NotThatComplicated campaign launched in the fall of 2017. Working with stylist Columbine Smille, the idea was to highlight simplicity as the purest form of luxury, and to encourage (less) shopping with care and consciousness.

With the help of model Nirvana Naves, seven key pieces were transformed into 18 looks as to manifest the strength of versatile, timeless and wearable garments, and how it’s possible to create a mindful wardrobe that lasts by applying the idea of simplicty-as-luxury.
Columbine Smille lent her tricks on how to master the everyday styling, showing how consistency can indeed be balanced with playfulness, and that identifying your own personal essentials, the never-fail-pieces, is a great start when aiming for a wardrobe that actually helps us get through those stressful mornings.

With #NotThatComplicated, we wanted to share our passion for mindful consumption by celebrating the luxury of simplicity. It’s really not about having it all, right?, it’s about finding those versatile and sustainable essentials that stick with you in the long-run.

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