London based creative Shini Park shares her thoughts.

State of mind: Shini Park

Every week, Filippa K Circle invites inspiring people to share their current mindsets. This week digital consultant, graphic designer and photographer Shini Park shares her thoughts.

My state of mind: Redesign. I’m currently in the eye of the storm of a rebranding initiative for my company, and it’s reminding me to take a moment to reflect and be playful and curious again.

I feel the most balanced when: Meandering up a valley in a sturdy car, bend by bend, seeing the world grow smaller while the view turn more remarkable the higher you reach. I have a similar sense of achievement and balance when hiking with my husband, except I’m not yet fit to climb a mountain without coughing up a lung or two. Plus, as Hannah Montana would say: It’s all about the Climb.

In relation to fashion, I have learned not to: Say yes to everything. As a digital person I get offered lots of information (too many trends for my liking), as well as free products and services. So far, the most eco-friendly and respectable thing for all parties is to say ‘no’, when necessary.

My best DIY tip for making every day more sustainable: Keep a needle and thread in handy—I always make sure to travel with a sewing kit. There’s such beauty in giving a new lease on life to a piece that you used to love, and it’s also good to remind yourself that clothes are not something disposable, but things to grow old with.

I cannot live without: Humor—it’s the most powerful tool in the darkest of times and a catalyst for the best of times. Share it with the people you love, consume and create it in any way you can; Conan O’Brien is my spirit animal!

I’m currently reading/watching: ‘Pretentiousness, Why it Matters’ by Dan Fox—a crux when figuring out this world.

My eco-fashion prediction: The awareness starts with re-evaluating this 150-character, paradise-in-a-grid, binge-watching era, where we consume information in bite-size snacks and never feel the satisfaction of a whole meal. To slow down consumption and revert to storytelling is how we’ll bring humanity and art back into garments. My hope is that craftsmanship will be heralded and that there will be better tools and platforms to help us ‘slow down’ on a global level.

My favorite organic/natural beauty product: Bee Pollen tablets—the one and only thing that kicked adult onset eczema out of my system after two years of non-stop pestering (not to be confused with Bee Propolis). Now I manage my skin with a thorough cleansing routine, and moisturize with First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Concentrate. For those suffering from eczema or very dry skin, opt for products with rich ingredients like shea butter and beeswax (but avoid products with Petrolatum, artificial fragrance or parabens).

My forever-favorite piece of clothing: Loose, high-waisted trousers—preferably made from linen. They cover all the junk in the trunk and let me worry about the job at hand. If teamed with a light knit and a pair of sturdy brogues I can take on anything.

This is priceless to me: Humility and selflessness—two things that are increasingly foreign in this social media age.

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