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State of mind: Simon Schmidt

Every week, Filippa K Circle invites inspiring people to share their current mindsets. This week photographer, stylist and creative director Simon Schmidt shares his thoughts.

My state of mind: Obsessively interested in everything.

I feel the most balanced when: I’m in the company of my closest friends. I feel most balanced when I’m with them and forget about time and place, close my eyes and relax.

In relation to fashion, I have learned not to: Believe that things happen over night. It’s really a long-term process, getting anywhere in fashion, so I think people with endurance are the once to make a real difference. This realization helped me in my personal life; if you genuinely want something, you have to work really hard for it whether you want to build your own personal brand, challenge existing structures or set long-term goals!

My best DIY tip for making every day more sustainable: Recycle trash, re-use products or gift them to someone who can find use for them, and always consider your way of living.

I cannot live without: Music! I need it to wake up to in the morning, in my everyday work, to dance to day and night, and when going to sleep.

I’m currently reading/watching: Anything that is written, produced or played by Xavier Dolan. To me, he’s an absolute genius, and I’m incredibly inspired by his aesthetics and way of thinking.

My eco-fashion prediction: Moving away from mass production as well as mass consumption would be a huge step. I would also love to see more affordability and accessibility when it comes to eco-fashion products. I think it’s still hard to find green fashion at a reasonable price point. High street fashion needs to get more involved in eco-friendly production without having the design aspect left out.

My favorite organic/natural beauty product: Cucumbers, avocado and anything with citrus!

My forever-favorite piece of clothing: Black, high waisted, cigarette suit trousers—they go with everything. You can wear them with trainers to dress down or with a white shirt to dress up; options are endless.

This is priceless to me: Loyalty.


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