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State of mind: Fiona Dinkelbach

Every week, Filippa K Circle invites inspiring people to share their current mindsets. This week art historian and editor of The Dashing Rider, Fiona Dinkelbach, shares her thoughts.

My state of mind: Like Yin and Yang—always a bit in-between.

I feel the most balanced when: I have the time to lie-in at weekends, followed by long park and city strolls with my husband, including a lot of sunshine and—of course—ice cream.

In relation to fashion, I have learned not to: Buy everything. I don’t need 20 basic white blouses that look almost the same.

My best DIY tip for making every day more sustainable: It’s all in the simple things, like turning off the water in the shower while using hair and body products, shopping local and supporting small business in your city.

I cannot live without: Music and trips to the beach.

I’m currently reading/watching: I’m a Netfix binge watcher. I’m currently watching Mad Men for the second time (love the aesthetics) and Better Call Saul for my daily dose of Americana.

My eco-fashion prediction: It’s a classic, but so true: Less is more! We need to stop buying things, always think quality before quantity, and I think vintage and second hand is going to have a big revival.

My favorite organic/natural beauty product: I recently discovered the Danish brand NUORI. The “Supreme Moisture Mask” is my favorite product for relaxing after a stressful day.

My forever-favorite piece of clothing: My vintage Chanel bag that I bought many years ago as a reward for my master’s degree. The bag was made and sold during the early 90s, and I like the fact that somebody already owned it and took it places I’ve probably never been. It’s a piece of history, stories and timelessness.

This is priceless to me: Spending time with my family and friends. Since we moved to another city it takes me a 6 hour train ride to see most of them, so those moments are rare but intense.

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