Darja Barannik Darja Barannik. Photo by Emil Jarengrim and Janka Polliani

State of mind: Darja Barannik

Every week, Filippa K Circle invites inspiring people to share their current mindsets. This week fashion editor and journalist Darja Barannik shares her thoughts.

My state of mind: Always on the run with a smile on my face!

I feel the most balanced when: I’ve had enough sleep.

In relation to fashion, I have learned not to: Try being someone I’m not. I’m lucky I’ve found a style that fits me and that makes me feel comfortable and secure about myself.

My best DIY tip for making every day more sustainable: Recycle and give clothes you don’t wear to charity. Also, turn the lights off when you leave the house to save electricity.

I cannot live without: Water, fresh air, sun and of course my family!

I’m currently reading/watching: I wish I had more time for books, films and TV-series, but unfortunately, I don’t. I try to bring a book when I travel, so Kurt Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions is currently packed in my travel bag.

My eco-fashion prediction: People will buy less, be more conscious and aware of the damage that mass-production does to both people and the planet. I think we’re heading to a more eco-friendly environment in the fashion industry. We’ll hopefully see a decrease in mass-production, and use our awareness to make a change for the better.

My favorite organic/natural beauty product: I have plenty of favorite beauty products, but I’m not sure if any of them are organic.

My forever-favorite piece of clothing: I love cashmere and wool garments, and have an absolute favorite sweater from Filippa K. It’s light beige with a round neck and great fit. I love that it goes with everything.

This is priceless to me: My family, boyfriend and friends! They represent so much love and laughter, and so many happy moments, that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. I love spending time with my parents and siblings just talking, discussing, learning, teaching, laughing, crying and so on. We have this open and honest relationship that is a most unique quality about our family.

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