State of mind: Irina Lakicevic

Every week, Filippa K Circle invites inspiring people to share their current mindsets. This week, style blogger, dentist and founder of art and fashion platform Mint Journal Irina Lakicevic shares her thoughts.

My state of mind: Slightly melancholic today as one takes a break from the ever-quick-paced fashion weeks. I am currently developing our newly founded art & fashion website into a quarterly digital magazine, and the task is as fun as it is weary, a mix of terror and pure joy of creation.

I feel the most balanced when: I am well-organized, when I know exactly which means lead to an end and have a clear plan of my tasks during the day.

In relation to fashion, I have learned not to: It is the person wearing the clothes that imbues mere frocks with life.

 best DIY tip for making every day more sustainable:
Ask yourself, do I really need  that? And Where am I going to place it.

I cannot live without:

I’m currently reading/watching:
‘Myth of Sisyphus’  and some books by Moholy-Nagy on geometrics of Paul Klee’s work.

 ecofashion prediction:
 The oversaturation of the market will lead to a more conscious consumer, thus making only standout brands in terms of quality and innovation the surviving ones. The second market will also be as important as buying new.

 favorite organic/natural beauty product:
RMS Beauty.

 forever favorite piece of clothing:
High waisted jeans.

This is priceless to me:

Irina Lakicevic is a Norwegian style blogger, dentist and founder of art and fashion platform Mint Journal

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