Tobias Lundh photographed by Julia Hetta for Filippa K fall 2016 collection

State of mind: Tobias Lundh

Every week, Filippa K Circle invites inspiring people to share their current mindsets.

My state of mind: At the moment I’m glad to see it’s a beautiful sunshiny day. 

My favorite organic/natural beauty product: Coconut oil. For everything.

In my headphones: Right now there’s a playlist with a weird mix of some Ted Gärdestad and classical music in my headphones, but that’s different every day. I listen to almost all types of music depending on my mood.

I lose it when: I lose it around 4-5 times a day when I’m looking for my misplaced phone/keys/something and I have no idea where I put them. At that point they could be literally anywhere in my apartment, wherever I got distracted and just dropped everything to go do whatever…

I have learned not to: I have finally learned not to mix my flights with my fear of heights. Despite the obvious connection I no longer get dizzy looking out the window of a plane, stepping out on a balcony or up on a ladder on the other hand…

No matter how different my days look, my everyday routine includes: Taking quite the number of vitamin-pills and most of the time thinking to myself that they’re probably not doing much for me but that I might as well take them anyway.

I cannot live without: “Inneskor”, like really cozy slippers to wear in the house.

I really want you to watch: All of “Mad Men”, at least once, and “The Affair”.

If I could only read one book: I would find a ridiculously extensive and thorough book on world history, hopefully I would finish it.

My best diy tip for making every day more sustainable: Get a nice bicycle and transport yourself! 

Tobias Lundh is a model. He’s recently worked with Filippa K both for the fall 2016 campaign and the collaboration with Monobi. Follow him here.

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