State of mind: Michael Lind

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My state of mind: A cup of optimisim and two large table spoons of curiosity.

No matter how different my days look, my everyday routine includes: The contradiction of coffee and meditation.

I feel the most balanced when: The air is luke warm, I’m observing and getting mesmerized by the vivid first rays of light as they sculpture the silhouette of the horizon. Going for a morning surf in the ocean, being cradled by the ocean grounds me for sure.

This text opened my eyes: I’m a sucker for good quotes and J.D. Salinger’s writing captures something special in this sentence: “She wasn’t doing a thing that I could see, except standing there leaning on the balcony railing, holding the universe together.” From the sort novel A Girl I Knew.

I lose it when: That’s something I need to practice more, I never lose it.

I really want you to watch: I was really happy to hear that more people aged 16-34 watch the new Planet Earth season 2 than The X factor. That fact warms my heart. I recommend everyone to watch Planet Earth, beautifully narrated by Sir David Attenborough. It’s simply breathtaking, magical and will instantly send you to another place for 60 minutes at a time. 

I have learned not to: Listen too much to what others think of me and make decisions based on that. We live in a society of constant judging, so it’s better to be judged for things that I really stand for.

If I could only read one book: The original issue of the Jungle book, or any book by Alan Watts.

Best advice I ever got: Where focus goes energy flows. It’s a great reminder when I think I need to juggle multiple things or be everywhere. Actually I have a second one as well. Having lived in Bali I came across a great saying from one of the last tribes in Indonesia. “Knowledge is only a rumur until it’s in the muscle.” It reminds me how important experience is.

My best diy tip for making every day more sustainable: In a consumer driven society I’m a terrible participant. I hardly buy anything except the occasional surfboard and I’ve particularly taken great pride in repairing things. There is something highly satisfying with repairing myself or taking something to get it mended. Also I’ve discovered the great learnings to be harvested when speaking with people who are craftsmen and help with the repair. 

I cannot live without: Great relationships, people who inspire and elevate me. Furthermore I would absolutely struggle if I wasn’t able to spend time in the ocean.

My eco-fashion prediction: 90% of our favourite brands today will make themselves irrelevant or obsolete within 15 years. Not because they didn’t have the same information as the rest of us. But because brands born in the tail end of the industrial era didn’t have the same mindset as brands that where born to reinvent the digitalisation of fashion.

My favorite organic/natural beauty product: Clean and cold tap water, few things are so refreshing and organic/natural.

My favorite piece of sustainable clothing? I love when the ethos of a brand transcends right down to the product. When the values of a brand are the DNA of the products. In that perspective I see that strength in the brand Patagonia and the products I have from them. They have meaning and consideration in every item the produce. I respect that.

In my headphones: As I travel very frequently I always have long periods for audio consumption. There is this great pod from Singularity University I really enjoy. Or I listen to the audios of TED talks. My all time favourite is still the Brene Brown one on vulnerability. Music, I’m currently into my weekly discovery on Spotify, its always packed with heaps of soulful jams.

My most visited website or app (whatever is the most fun): The blog Wait but Why. Amazing reading about big topics broken down in a genius way. Also love that every post is accompanied by very simple and fun illustrations.

This is priceless to me: Nature, in all its simplicity.


Michael is the co-founder of the fashion brand Uniforms for the Dedicated and Dedicated institute, a non-profit driven innovation hub. He travles the world speaking in different forums about change thinking and sustainability. Follow him here.  

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