Ilona Hamer in Filippa K blazer and boots.

State of mind: Ilona Hamer

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No matter how different my days look, my everyday routine includes: Coffee. 

I feel the most balanced when: I get my morning pilates class in, which is hopefully five days a week. 

I feel beautiful when: I’m fresh out of a shower after a day spent swimming in the ocean.

I have learned not to: Take other peoples drama on board. Let them deal with it and you be there for support but don’t carry their weight as well.

My best diy tip for making every day more sustainable: Recycle! And “You don’t need it”. I try and remind myself constantly that I don’t need more than I have to be happy.

I cannot live without: My husband and my friends.

My eco-fashion prediction: Less is more and is always going to be more. Stop shopping and start making more out of less!

My favorite organic/natural beauty product: Everything Aesop. I also love Weleda. 

My favorite sustainable garment: A vintage stripe shirt I got from Stella Dallas in Brooklyn that cost me $10 that people think is Saint Laurent.

In my headphones: Mostly disco =)

My most visited app: Sadly Instagram. But also Space Matters! And for work!

This is priceless to me: Time when I don’t have to answer emails!

Ilona Hamer is a New York based stylist. She is the fashion director of Unconditional Magazine and one of the brilliant minds behind swimwear brand Matteau Swim. Follow her here.

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