Filippa K's Elin Larsson participated in a panel discussion on sustainable fashion during COP22 in Marrakech.

COP22: A sense of urgency

Filippa K left UN's climate meeting COP22 in Marrakech with a sense of hope.

During last week, we participated in UN’s climate meeting COP22 in Marrakech. We were part of a round table discussion concerning what a sustainable fashion industry might look like, organized by The Bridge. The panel consisted of representatives from us, Dedicated Institute, Tretorn, Mistra Future Fashion, Swedish School of Textiles, Royal Institute of Technology and Region Hovedstaden. In the room we had UN, politicians and NGO’s listening and discussing how we together can push the whole industry in the right direction and what solutions are necessary.

From Filippa K’s side we highlighted the value of ecosystem thinking, a holistic perspective on everything we do, creating new connections, cross-functional collaborations and innovation. On the more political side we wanted to see more incentives and legislations that support new business models and solutions in line with circular economy.

Everyone in the room agreed that the need of action is urgent and that ideas like the ones below should be highlighted: 

  1. Developing a circular business model
  2. Looking into legislation that urges the fashion industry to take action
  3. How to nudge the consumer, so that they can contribute to the system change as well
  4. How to make the fashion industry one that leaves a positive CO2 emission
  5. Create stronger collaborations between science, business and governments
  6. Share best practice between all companies, small as well as big

« The worries of Mr Trump's denial of climate change were pushed aside, creating a sense of urgency that made everyone even more determined to succeed »

We left COP22 with a good vibe, all of us looking forward to continue what we started and to engage with stakeholders through out the eco-system to create a concrete project that can lead the way for the future of circular fashion.

We also left COP22 with a humble and hopeful feeling, knowing that all these people (we heard numbers like 30 000 or 50 000 participants) had gathered to set up a roadmap for how to reach the Sustainable Development goals and the Paris agreement – striving hard to come to common conclusions and agreements. The worries of America’s next elected president’s denial of climate change were pushed aside and instead created a sense of urgency that made everyone even more determined to succeed. It was like Donald Trump brought people closer together and gave them a common mission – to save the planet, with or without him. 

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