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Elin Larsson: “Let’s be louder than an American president-elect that denies climate change”

Trump's suggested climate policies are disastrous – that's why we should speak louder than ever about the issues we face.
Climate politics suffered a major blow this week due to the outcome of the US election. Lost is a strong voice and a leader on climate change and clean energy. Gained is an American president-elect who questions whether climate change is real. During his campaign, Mr Trump has called climate change a hoax, suggested that he would revive the coal industry, expand fossil fuel development and scrap Obama’s Clean Power Plan.
Trump has also vowed to cancel the US’ participation in the Paris climate accord. But even if he wishes to do so, Trump will not be able to formally withdraw America from the UN climate agreement that was settled last year. It’s designed to take four years to withdraw from. What Trump might do is however to ignore the emission goals that are not legally binding, and to slow down transitional actions already in process.
Hopefully all other leaders of the world will keep collaborating and respecting their collective commitments.

« We face an even greater responsibility to get involved »

We should make sure to speak louder than ever on the issues that we face. We as companies and civilians can do our equally important part, and we face a perhaps even greater responsibility to get involved in the matters concerned. What else is there to do when politicians fail? It is a personal thing; for each individual to do what they can. For each person to commit to change. And remember, a majority of US voters disagree with Trump’s climate change denials, instead recognizing global warming as a real threat.
We see a people’s revolution take form. We see it in an educated and connected conversation, something that is taking place both offline and online.
Lets keep pushing, as caring human beings and brands, for a more positive outlook on the future of our climate, our planet and our lives.

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