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“Sustainable services should be easy and rewarding to use”

RePack's idea is easy: Buy an item, bring it home in a reusable bag. Put the bag in a post box–and it will be used again.

RePack is a Finnish startup that has designed a reusable packaging service for online retailers and shoppers. RePack’s delivery packages can be conveniently and easily returned, and then reused.

This idea takes inspiration from the bottle deposit system, which is very popular and efficient in the Nordics. In Finland over 90% of cans are returned to be recycled. This hugely popular system got the team behind RePack thinking it should be adopted to e-commerce and its conventional disposable packaging system.

RePack delivery packages are simply returned by the customer folding it and posting it in a post box. This eliminates trash and reduces the carbon footprint of packaging by 80%. Returning is also made attractive to consumers by the retailers using RePack offering a voucher of 10% for their next purchase (that can be claimed at any RePack using store). Thus, consumers save money and retailers get returning customers, all without creating trash. Co-founder Jonne Hellgren says, “I think this is how sustainable services should be modelled–easy and rewarding to use. We want to prove sustainable solutions are easier and more rewarding for everyone”.

« Drop it in a post box anywhere and it will be reused »

RePack recently teamed up with Filippa K to engage their customers to take part in reducing the trash created by e-commerce. At Filippa K’s online store, customers can choose RePack as the preferred packaging option. Once they have received their order, the customer can simply fold the empty RePack packaging to letter format and drop it in a post box anywhere in the world and it will find its way back to be reused. 

RePack’s simple design made RePack the first startup to win Finland’s most prestigious design prize, Fennia Prize in 2014.  So far, RePack is successfully operating in Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden, working together with fashion brands that share their sustainability values.

So, next time you shop at Filippa K’s online store, remember there is now an easy way to reduce unwanted packaging trash–and to save money.

Visit RePack here.

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