State of mind: Brianna Lance

Every week, Filippa K Circle invites big thinkers to share their current mindsets.

My state of mind: Today is a sci-fi movie, but it changes all the time, tragedy, comedy, fantasy, depending on how my eyes open that day.

No matter how different my days look, my everyday routine includes: Meditation and coffee first thing, no matter what.

I feel the most balanced when: I’m creatively motivated. If you love a project even if you’re completely over tired the act of creating something you’re proud of keeps you motivated and happy.

This text opened my eyes: In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of thing not meant for you. /Buddha.

I lose it when: People say no to me.

I feel beautiful when: I’m dancing or making music.

I really want you to watch: Every episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I have learned not to: Hold on to things that don’t serve me.

If I could only read one book:  That’s so hard! Tie between Master and Margherita and Magic Mountain.

Best advice I ever got: Fuck it.

My best diy tip for making every day more sustainable: Think about whether or not you really need to buy something. Is it necessary. If not don’t buy it.

I cannot live without: Music.

My eco-fashion prediction: I think more and more sustainability is becoming something that is practiced. Hopefully it will become and given and people will start consuming in a smarter way.

My favorite organic beauty product: Coconut oil.

My favorite piece of sustainable clothing: I always buy vintage but my favorite are vintage Levi’s

In my headphones: Lately Nigerian Funk from the 70s or Black Angels album Passover.

My most visited app/website: Villoid or Radiooooooooo.

This is priceless to me: Moments of joy.

Brianna Lance is a creative consultant, musician and former designer of eco-conscious Reformation. Follow her here.

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