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State of mind: Amanda Norgaard

Every week, Filippa K Circle invites big thinkers to share their current mindsets.

My state of mind: Electric but serene.

No matter how different my days look, my everyday routine includes: Walking my dog, drinking my coffee and smoking a cigarette while writing a few pages.

I feel the most balanced when: I’m conscious.

This text opened my eyes: T.S. Eliot’s Time present, time past.

I lose it when: I’m overwhelmed by a pile of boring everyday issues.

I feel beautiful when: I swim in the ocean.

I really want you to watch: Mustang.

I have learned not to: Forget to breathe.

If I could only read one book: Gurdjieff’s The Fourth Way of Being.

Best advice I ever got: You’re capable.

My best diy tip for making every day more sustainable: Don’t buy plastic water bottles and don’t waste food, but be creative with it.

I cannot live without: Love, laughter and water.

My eco-fashion prediction: Hopefully sustainability will become the norm, and I think a big movement happening within the high street brands will create a new wave. It shouldn’t be a choice, it should be the only way.

My favorite organic/natural beauty product: Coconut oil and salt water.

My favorite piece of sustainable clothing: My grandmothers home knitted sweaters and socks, in organic localyl produced yarn.

In my headphones: Rock star by Hole.

My most visited website: Astrologyzone by Susan Miller

This is priceless to me: When my puppy Alfie is chasing butterflies and smelling all the flowers in my garden in Denmark. 

Amanda Norgaard is a New York-based model from Denmark. Follow her here.

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