Elin Larsson: “Changing the patterns of fashion”

A firm believer in fashion – who thinks real systematic change is needed for the industry to keep developing. Filippa K's Sustainability Manager shares her vision on changing the patterns of fashion.
Working for a fashion company for many years I have learned a lot of things about the whole life cycle of the products we create. I see everything from the most extraordinary and beautiful objects, to the dark side of some of these products and the harm they bring to this planet. I am not a pessimist, quite the opposite in fact. I alongside many of my colleagues at Filippa K are firm believers of the beauty of Fashion. But I cannot stress the importance of a change in the industry – the whole industry.

Pushing the boundaries of sustainable fashion is imperative, as is implementing those lessons and insights back into the business. 
We all need to come together to make a real systemic change, and that’s the goal with our latest initiative, Filippa K Circle. This digital hub brings together experts, entrepreneurs, suppliers and other inspiring people to share their visions of a better fashion future.
The process of finding our Front Runners has been a steep learning curve, so steep in fact we’ve decided to share the information and stories we picked up along the way. These inspiring solutions pave a path for a sustainable and innovative fashion industry in our future. We are not the only company with such stories, so lets gather that knowledge and inspire more people, brands and perhaps even more industries to do the same.
Let´s change the patterns of fashion.
Send us your letter to circleeditor@filippa-k.se, we’d love to hear your ideas and opinions!
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  1. Hi, please put me on the mailing list. I am working on a new start up to provide a platform for sustainable fashion. Thank you!

  2. Wow!! Just as use guys, I believe it’s just as important to stress alternative forms of consumption, as talking about the use of friendlier fibers. How you guys at Filippa K use the brand and status to shed light on slower fashion is just fantastic. We need it!! We also need more companies to design for longevity, care for garments and show the way. And especially HOW we consumers should use our garments!

    1. Thanks for your words, it warms a lot! It is crucial to have a holistic approach and look at every step of a products life cycle, from fibre to end-of-life. And to engage with all stakeholders in the eco system, from suppliers, partners, competitors and customers – we have a lot to learn from each other and the more we share and inspire each other, the faster the change will come.

    1. That is wonderful to hear, thank you for sharing! I do hope we can inspire you going forward and if you have anything you want to share, an insight, problem or solution, please let us know.

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