Sandya Lang, CSR Manager at Nudie Jeans.

Prolonging the life of your favourite jeans

While denim is traditionally a real water-waster, more and more brands reconsider their ways of working with jeanswear. One of the pioneers within this field is Swedish Nudie Jeans, offering to repair your jeans whenever you need, and giving you a decent discount when you eventually recycle your jeans. Nudie also dares to talk about what many shy away from: we need to buy less. The company’s CSR manager Sandya Lang shares her thoughts.

Nudie Jeans started 15 years ago with a strong vision of creating jeans that people would wear and love for a long time. We had a vision of a sustainable jean, made in organic cotton, produced under good working conditions and with great design. This vision is a reality today, and we are proud of what we have achieved.

Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans, the much-loved, everyday piece, but the day will come when they eventually become worn beyond repair.
At Nudie, we know that’s not the end of the story. Worn Nudie jeans can be taken to one of our Repair Shops for free! There are 22 Repair Shops worldwide, the latest addition is in New York and more opening soon in Malmö, Amsterdam and other locations.

In case you live far from a Repair Shop, we’ll gladly send you a repair kit, for free, for you to do the work to prolong the life of your favorite pair of jeans. There are no limits for how many times you can repair your jeans. Only you can decide when it’s time for your jeans to move on to our reuse rack, to become someone else’s favorite pair while you start on some new, fresh denims.
Selling second hand jeans, denim with a story and character, has become more and more attractive and the use of the garments can be extended a few years – something that we find both important and fantastic.

« We shouldn’t forget that the biggest impact we can make ourselves now is to wear our garments for longer »

The steps that your Nudie Jeans will take through its life are all part of our eco-cycle: break in-repair-reuse-recycle.

I think the debate has been a lot about recycling lately, new methods and materials and it’s great that we can contribute to more research and developments in this area – it is definitely needed for the future. But we shouldn’t forget that the biggest and easiest impact we can make ourselves, for the environment right now, is to wear our garments for longer.

At Nudie Jeans, we are happy to educate consumers on more conscious shopping and slow fashion, to buy fewer pieces and wear them for a longer time, and at the same time reflect over consumption patterns and choices made in other areas such as food, furniture, travels, health and beauty products. If we want to see a more circular society in the future we need to start thinking in terms of reuseeven for products we hadn’t initially thought of. But a simple first step can be to use your pair of Nudie Jeans longer than you intended to! 

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