Sellpy wants to make it easy to sell things no longer in use.

Making selling as easy as shopping

Sellpy is one of Sweden’s fastest growing startups and their idea is simple: to help people sell old clothes and goods and to make it as easy to sell at is to buy. With investors such as H&M, Sellpy is getting ready to take on the things cluttering people's homes.

Sellpy wants to make it easy to sell your unwanted items. It works by the user ordering a bag or three (to be delivered to the door or picked up at a nearby post office) and filling it with things that might have a value of more than five euros. Sellpy picks it up and sells what can be sold via partners. Whatever Sellpy cannot sell is donated to charity. About half of what’s received is put up for sale, and about 75 percent of that is actually sold. The profits are then shared with the users, who get about 40 percent of what their things are sold for. And it’s of course also a profit in itself, that what isn’t sold is given to charity.

The pick-up service is what makes Sellpy stand out from its competitors. In central Stockholm Sellpy partners with delivery company Move By Bike, which is a good option to car transportation.

« With investors such as H&M, Sellpy is getting ready for to take on your clutter »

The transportation question, alongside the logistics, will also be the big scaling challenge for Sellpy in the future. The company is growing rapidly, now inhabiting a warehouse in Frihamnen where some 35 people work with organizing, photographing and listing goods, and a recent investment round attracting heavy-weight investors such as H&M is making the growth possible. H&M thinks Sellpy’s offer works well with their idea “fashion and quality at a good price in a sustainable way”. Prolonging the life of clothes, and not only looking at recycling opportunities, is in everyone’s interest, says H&M representatives.

So far local, it remains to be seen if Sellpy manages to effectively switch from mainly working with Swedish action site Tradera to an international array of partners – or if they choose to start selling things themselves, eliminating their role as a middle-man. So far, some 40 percent of those who have used the bag-ordering service have renewed their custom.

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