Factory workers testing the QuizRR tool.

Can a quiz change the world?

QuizzRR is taking using gaming methods to educate and train workers and managers in factories in global supply chains. If you ask co-founder Sofie Nordstrom, it has world-changing potential. Here’s why, in her own words.

“Call me naive, but I like to be. I am one of the founders of QuizRR, a small company that wants to do big things. We want to change the world with a quiz. Our vision is decent work and safe workplaces for all.

We provide training for workers and managers in factories in global supply chains.

At QuizRR we make films; short dramas with workers and managers identifying and solving problems in factories; and quizzes with questions on employment rights, safety, employee involvement and workplace dialogue. Films to motivate and engage, questions to activate and, thanks to a digital platform, possibility to measure and share progress. How many in the factory were trained, in what areas were they trained, what was their knowledge?

« If you don’t know your rights, how can you use them? »

Last year, while developing QuizRR, we brought a small sample of the tool for feedback from employees in factories in China. A clickable keynote with one short scene on leave and three quiz-questions. After using the tool a woman in her forties, who had been a factory worker for many years, said:

– I wish I had known about my right to maternity leave when I had my child. Now it is too late.

It is all very basic. If you don’t know your rights, how can you use them?

Can a quiz change the world?

1. No
x. Probably not
2. Yes

The right answer: 2. Yes

A quiz can educate people and help them help themselves. And if everyone in the factory, workers and managers, talk the same language and share the same knowledge, they can also solve problems and create a decent and safe workplace together.

But to change the world? For that we need scale and business incentives are the driver. The first QuizRR training is now rolled out by global brands to their suppliers in China and Bangladesh. A brand, take Filippa K as example, invites their supplier to use the tool for training at the factory. The supplier registers their training and then they, their customer and the brand, can follow up on the progress in full transparency. In the process we educate millions of people working in factories.

As Nelson Mandela says:

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Sofie Nordstrom, co-founder of QuizRR
Read more about QuizRR here.

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