Vigga Svensson, founder of Vigga. Photo courtesy of Vigga.

Vigga, the kidswear brand that wants their clothes back

Vigga Svensson doesn’t just produce kidswear in a sustainable way – she makes sure parents use them in a sustainable way. And her subscription offer is popular – Vigga is tipped for global expansion.

“We used to run another kidswear brand, Katvig, which had a very ambitious sustainability strategy focusing on the supply chain. In other words, we had a good product. But we realized the way people used our products was not sustainable, and because the consumption of the clothes wasn’t sustainable, we didn’t achieve what we wanted.

So the initial thoughts about offering clothes for hire were already forming. When we sold Katvig in 2014, it gave us time to sit with the idea of developing a truly sustainable kidswear brand. It was clear to us that we still had to produce good clothes, but also, that we had to look at the consumption phase.

We started Vigga at an ideal time, as people are increasingly understanding about circular and sharing economies. Also, the offer that we provide is relevant for every parent, so it’s been much easier to tell our story than what we initially thought.

Having used clothes is not an obstacle at all. Since the credit crunch in 2008, people have started turning to second-hand clothes to a larger degree in Vigga’s native Denmark.

« We see huge potential globally »

Instead, the questions we get often have to do with flexibility. Today we offer a subscription of a fixed bag at a fixed price. And all families have different needs. For example, some kids inherit most of their clothes from older siblings. Parents want to be able to pick and choose the offer to fit their needs.

I don’t believe in translating our leasing model to adult daily wear. For that area, I think other concepts should be developed, initiatives focusing on minimizing footprint. But for kidswear, we see huge scaling potential. We are just about to go international. After spending our first year testing everything from storytelling to the clothes’ quality, logistic setup and digital platform, we’re now ready to scale. The EU will be our first market.

Some people ask about the shipping part when going international, but we’ve made a life-cycle assessment that clearly shows it’s not a big issue. Transporting from say Copenhagen to Berlin is not even traceable in the LCA, as long as you set up the logistics right. In the future, we might have more local offices. Either way, the global potential is huge. The idea of leasing clothes is relevant for all families, regardless of where they live.”

Vigga Svensson, founder of Vigga, an organic kidswear brand with a subscription service
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