Le Tote delivers three garments and two accessories to your door and you can keep them for as long as you want.

Is Le Tote the Netflix of clothing?

Le Tote bill themselves as a 'style discovery service', providing an online rental portal for clothes.

When signing up for Le Tote, the first step for the user is to create Your Closet, which narrows down a limited amount of preferred styles from the wide range of garments that Le Tote has to offer. Your Closet then serves as a base that guides the assortment of garments and accessories, or ‘Totes’, put together and shipped to the user by the Le Tote team. Hence as a user, you cannot choose which exact items you want to rent. As Le Tote puts it; they serve as a “style discovery service” with the purpose of broadening your fashion tastes.

Each Tote contains three garments and two accessories and may be kept for as long as the user wants. As the user is charged a monthly fee, she might however want to take advantage of the possibility of receiving a new tote every now and then.

« Each Tote contains three garments and two accessories that can be kept for as long as the user wants »

Through Style Share, a recently launched app connected to Le Tote, users may share looks created with the borrowed items. In this sense, Le Tote does not only create a rental function for clothes but also a community for people who enjoy dressing up and sharing inspiration.

Le Tote has a maternity section, where the Totes are adjusted to expecting users. The user simply switches from a regular membership to a maternity membership, and the Totes then includes maternity wear throughout the whole pregnancy. As maternity wear is by definition temporary, renting is a good alternative, and thus, this is perhaps Le Tote’s most pertinent proposition.

Visit Le Tote here.

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